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At Kid Mechanix, we want to create a community of Behaviour Analysts, teachers, and parents who can support each other and provide positive feedback (it’s all about that reinforcement!).

We know that being a Behaviour Analyst is one of the toughest jobs, and at times very lonely.  We spend most of our time running between clients homes or in the centre training therapists and managing parents.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone prepare those materials for you?  Or to have someone to bounce ideas off of?

We want to contribute our 20+ years of experience creating excellent programming to the wonderful Kid Mechanix community!  Whether you download our free resources, get ideas from our blogs, or contact us directly, we’re here to help!



Shayna Gaunt, MA, BCBA                                     Shira Karpel, MEd, BCBA

"Guess What" Program Description


Get kids to initiate conversation by teaching them to ask "Guess what..." "Guess where..." and "Guess who..." questions. Download our FREE program description and attached materials.

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