Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)Applied Behaviour Analysis

Data-Based Approaches / Risk-Benefit Analysis:

  • ABA is empirically supported with over 45 years of research.
  • Kid Mechanix will not provide treatment approaches that are not supported by a body of scientific
    evidence. (e.g., facilitated communication, sensory integration, diet advice, etc.)
  • If a parent chooses to utilize a therapy that is not empirically supported, please note that Kid
    Mechanix will not be held responsible.
  • In those instances where more than one scientifically-supported treatment has been established,
    additional factors may be considered in selecting interventions (i.e., efficiency and costeffectiveness,
    risks and side-effects of the interventions, client preference, practitioner experience
    and training)
  • KM Consultants, to the extent possible, appraise the effects (positive or negative) of any
    treatments that might impact the goals of the behaviour-change programs

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