ABA/IBI are sometimes used interchangeably (but incorrectly)

IBI stands for ‘Intensive Behavioural Intervention.’

Intensive: Children can receive up to 25 hours per week of 1:1 teaching by a trained professional to teach a variety of individualized skills.  However, the exact number of teaching hours varies depending on needs of the student.

Behavioural: Children do not need to be exhibiting extreme negative behaviours to benefit from IBI.  ‘Behaviour’ in this case also refers to increasing positive behaviours such as communication and independence.

Intervention: Evidence suggests that children can make significant gains if this type of treatment is comprehensive in scope and learning expectations are consistent across all environments.  (See ‘Why ABA’ section for further details)


ABA stands for ‘Applied Behavioural Analysis.’  It is the scientific approach that governs IBI treatment.  

ABA is a powerful, science-based approach that advances skills of learners by breaking down skills into smaller, teachable components.  Then the components are taught using errorless teaching methods and differential reinforcement.

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