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Would you love to be able to find programs, materials, and CEU's all in one place?  

Are you so busy with your clients that you don't have time for writing programs (or for yourself!)?  

Do you notice that clients don't learn through cookie-cutter programs?

Do you love what you do but hate writing program descriptions?  

What Our Members Say:

"The Bx Resource has been a life saver for me! As a newly certified BCBA, I found the process of program writing and behaviour management quite daunting and overwhelming. Shira and Shayna are quick to answer any and all questions and always post helpful responses. I now feel as though I have a support system of professionals and am better equipped to help my clients." 

About Us:

Shayna and Shira are Board Certified Behaviour Analysts with many years of experience creating and writing effective ABA programs. After seeing a need for practical solutions and support for ABA professionals, they created How to ABA and The Bx Resource  

"We are excited to be sharing our knowledge and resources with you so you can do more of what you love!" 

~ Shira & Shayna


The Bx Resource is a growing body of knowledge, resources and materials that we have created, developed, and accumulated over 20 years of supervising ABA therapy.


Programs that build language from early first words through labelling and answering questions.


Teach children to learn from others their environment and how to navigate convrsation. 


Access Shira and Shayna in the community forums and get your questions answered. 


Discover why children misbehave and learn proactive prevention strategies.


Connect with Shira and Shayna on live webinars where we tackle common concerns. Access recorded trainings anytime.  


Download our easy to implement, step-by-step programs to increase skills


Option for Continuing Education Units

How to ABA is a BACB approved continuing education provider. Attending a live webinar will provide you with 1 unit of Type 2 CEU's.

 Previous Topics Covered:

  • The Intake Assessment and Program Planning
  • Teaching Receptive and Expressive Labels
  • Behaviour Program for "My Way"

Save time and money!

You don't have time to write program descriptions! Let us help get you back to what you love - the kids! 


"I love having the opportunity to learn from as many people as possible. It is incredible having the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other professionals. I am really enjoying the Bx Resource and look forward to learning as much as I can."  

~ M., BR member

"I thank you Shira and Shayna for freely sharing your expertise/experience with others. I am excited to obtain CEU’s from you gals. In reviewing your posts/webinars, I was SO impressed with the content. I’m so happy I signed up and look forward to learning (more!) from you."  

~ R., BR member 

"Their approach to programming and teaching is so practical! I learned a lot of the theory and research in school but without the training, I was not sure how to use it. Training with them provided me with a solid foundation in how to apply behaviour analytic strategies in a meaningful and functional way and I’m seeing so much success with the clients I work with!" 

A Sneak Peak into the Resource: 

  • Immediate access to 80+ program descriptions
  • Programs covering: language, social, pre-academic, life skills, play, fine motor, and more
  • Members-only live CEU webinars
  • Immediate access to previous recorded webinars
  • Printable data sheets and graphs
  • Templates for behaviour protocol, parent intake, consent forms, and more
  • Your programming questions answered!

PLUS: Community and Support!

YES! This is exactly what I need! How do I join?

I just want ABA progams:

Bx Resource Lite 

  • Growing library of program descriptions
  • Printable data sheets
  • Helpful resources
  • Program materials
  • Q&A forums
  • Supportive community
  • Live CEU webinar (members only)
  • Access to recorded webinars
  • Private Facebook group


Includes CEU's!

I want ABA programs AND CEU's:

Bx Resource Pro

  • Growing library of program descriptions
  • Printable data sheets 
  • Helpful resources
  • Program materials
  • Q&A forums
  • Supportive community
  • Live CEU webinar (members-only)
  • Access to recorded webinars 
  • Private Facebook group


Best Value! 2 Months Free!

I want ABA programs AND CEU's:

Bx Resource YEARLY

  • Growing library of program descriptions
  • Printable data sheets 
  • Helpful resources
  • Program materials
  • Q&A forums
  • Supportive community
  • Live CEU webinar (members-only)
  • Access to recorded webinars 
  • Private Facebook group
  • 2 Months Free!



What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time! Unfortunately, we don't provide refunds for paid months.

What if I need a program or resource that's not there?

No problem! If we have it, we'll add it. If we don't have it, we'll do our best to create it!

*Within our scope of practice, of course

How do I get CEU's?

We can provide Type 2 CEU's for people who attend the live webinar.  

What if I can't attend the live webinar?

No worries! They will be saved and posted in the community to watch anytime (sorry, no CEU's for recorded webinars right now) 

How do I ask a question?

Easy! Either post in the "General Discussion" forum or ask directly under the program description.