Webinar: Theory to Practice

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How to Turn ABA Theory into Practice

Teaching Skills Without Cookie-Cutter Programs 

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Wednesday, December 20th

12:00 PM EST

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"I watched the webinar last night and I found it very interesting. Great job!"

This Free Training Will Demystify:

Myth #1

I need to choose ABA programs based on an assessment so that I can fill in the boxes.

Myth #2

ABA programming is difficult and time-consuming. How do I find an evidence-based teaching procedure for each skill?

Myth #3

It's a lonely place without any sharing of ideas. People keep their programs very secretive.

About Us

Kid Mechanix, Inc: Shayna and Shira are Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA) with over 20 years of experience creating quality ABA programs. Their unique approach to ABA programs has enabled them to help many families and individuals.