Every morning, Shelly Yusufov arrives at work pumped up. Not because she’s had too much coffee; simply because she’s passionate about her job as program director at Kid Mechanix Academy. Her enthusiasm and energy also help fuel the students and staff, so that everyone, every day has fun learning. Skilled and savvy, Shelly will also head programs at our new Academy location in Toronto, which opens in September 2017. Here, Shelly shares what keeps her revved about her work.

Q: What was your first job ever?
A: Cashier at a local movie theatre.

Q: Why are you working towards becoming a BCBA?
A: As I studied for my Master’s degree in ABA, I learned that staying abreast of new research is very important. The BCBA certification requires us to regularly attend conferences and workshops to ensure we stay on top of the latest research and to further develop our skills. One of the best things about my career is that I get to learn something new every day!

Q: What do you love most about your job at Kid Mechanix Academy?
A: I love watching the progress of the students in our school readiness program, as they work towards fully integrating with their mainstream peers. The unique program that Kid Mechanix offers, as a stepping stone into a mainstream classroom, is inspiring. I also enjoy mentoring and training the great teachers and therapists that I get to collaborate and work with daily.

Q: Who inspires you the most?
A: My parents. My mom’s nurturing and loving personality and my dad’s drive inspire me to give my all to work and life.

Q: How do you maintain your energy and dedication?
A: The kids I work with at Kid Mechanix Academy are my driving force. Seeing them succeed, meet goals and reach their fullest potential are the most powerful reinforcers of all!

Q: Outside of work, what are your passions?
A: I love anything fun and active! I especially love to hike and skate.

Registration is almost full for our fall school readiness programs, which start on September 11, 2017. Contact us soon to book a free intake assessment for your sweetie. Bet she’ll love working with Shelly and the entire team at Kid Mechanix Academy!

Meet Shelly Yusufov: Savvy Program Director at Kid Mechanix Academy
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