Does your child have a language or speech delay? Has your child been diagnosed with autism or another developmental delay?

Navigating a child’s development can pose challenges for any parent.  But Kid Mechanix is here to help with ABA therapy and consulting services, tailored to your child’s needs. Our Board Certified Behavioural Analysts (BCBA) offer a broad range of services to get your child on the right track, including Behavioural Assessments,  Parent & Staff training, and Inclusion Support, as well as development and supervision of custom ABA programs.

Already enrolled in a program but looking for additional care? Kid Mechanix regularly co-ordinates with other service providers to ensure consistency (SLP, OT, PT, etc.) And if you receive Direct Funding through the OAP program, you can rest easy — Kid Mechanix is a government approved ABA service provider.

Kid Mechanix is committed to your child’s success.

Every child is different, so we design our programs to address your child’s specific needs. All our therapies and services incorporate a best practice approach, including:

  • Relationship building through play
  • Expansion of activity repertoire and functional motivators
  • Skill-based learning through play
  • Skill-based learning through table work
  • Relationship building with peers (through structured play dates and inclusion support)
  • Transition to community-based settings (e.g., school, social skills groups, desensitization programs-haircuts, dentist, etc., shopping, community safety programs, etc.)

ABA services you can trust.

Kid Mechanix is a government-certified ABA service provider. We incorporate the following ABA teaching procedures into our programming:

  • Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT)
  • Verbal Behaviour (VB)
  • Precision Teaching (PT)
  • Pivotal Response Training (PRT)
  • Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)
  • Direct Instruction (DI)

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