Shayna Gaunt

Shayna Gaunt, MA, BCBA

Executive Director and Founder

Shayna Gaunt has over 20 years of experience implementing the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)  with individuals with Autism, Apserger’s Syndrome, ADHD,  Learning Disabilities, Downs Syndrome, and other developmental delays.  She is the founder and director of Kid Mechanix, Inc.  She also has international experience providing clinical expertise and training workshops to clients in the US, Costa Rica, England, Egypt, and Qatar.

Shayna conducts individualized training workshops for schools and other professionals. She incorporates evidence-based treatments such as Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), Verbal Behaviour (VB), Precision Teaching (PT), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), and Direct Instruction (DI) into her programming.

Shayna Gaunt graduated with an Honours BA in Behavioural Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University and achieved an MA in ABA from the University of Nevada, Reno.  She has been a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) since 2005.

Shayna Gaunt

Shira Karpel, MEd, BCBA

ABA Consultant

Shira Karpel is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) who has extensive experience working with children and youth with various disabilities.  She completed a Masters degree in Education and Special Education from Touro College in New York City and an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology from York University in Toronto.

With a combined background of classroom teaching and ABA, Shira has a strong skill set in the areas of academics, social skills, language development, and behaviour management.  Her international experience in Jeruselum, Texas, New York, and Toronto has enhanced her ability as an ABA Consultant.

Her training and experience in working with individuals with disabilities help her to create and implement individualized ABA programs that incorporate a combination of: Verbal Behaviour (VB), Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Direct Instruction (DI), and Natural Environment Teaching (NET).

Shira is passionate about helping each individual that she works with develop the necessary skills to successfully reach his/her fullest potential.

Elis Fendrikov, MADS, BCBA

Program Director, Vaughan

Elis Fendrikov is the Program Director of our Vaughan Location.  

Elis is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.  She completed her Masters Degree in Disability Studies, with a specialization in ABA, at Brock University. 

Working 1:1 and with groups, Elis has a wide variety of ABA experience, including Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), Verbal Behaviour (VB), Direct Instruction (DI) and more! 

Since 2014, Elis has been a valuable member of the Kid Mechanix family.  She joined Kid Mechanix Academy full time in September 2018. 

Cristina Barroso, MS

Program Director, Toronto

Cristina Barroso is the Program Director at our Toronto location.

With a Master’s degree in Counseling and Applied Behavior Analysis from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, Cristina’s ABA experience includes Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), and Verbal Behavior (VB).  Cristina also ran research-based parent training programs on the use of the basic principles and techniques of ABA.

At the Mailman Segal Centre in Fort Lauderdale (USA), she was part of the team at the behavioral feeding disorders clinic.  Cristina supported clients presenting food refusal and picky eating.

Cristina’s professional experience also includes conducting multiphase Functional Assessments for clients with challenging behaviors such as aggression and self-injury.

Cristina uses evidence-based best practices and believes in individuality.  She strives to provide the best outcome for every student based on their individual needs.

Bianca Bozzelli, MADS

Program Director, North York

With over five years of implementing ABA at Kid Mechanix, we are proud to welcome Bianca Bozzelli as the Program Director for our third and newest location.

Bianca has extensive knowledge in ABA programming.  She practices Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), Verbal Behaviour (VB), Direct Instruction (DI), Precision Teaching (PT), and social skills.

Bianca’s past experience includes running therapy sessions for patients at Mt. Sinai Hospital.  In addition, she administered standardized clinical tools and systematized data into comprehensive documents as a research assistant. Moreover, she also held the role of an Assistant Program Director for City of Toronto Adapted & Integrated Programs for children and adults with developmental and physical needs.

Bianca graduated with an Honours BA in Psychology at York University, a Certificate in Family Supports at Ryerson University, and her Master of Applied Disability Studies from Brock University. She is sitting for her BCBA exam soon.

Shayna Gaunt

Jenna Collins, MADS

Program Supervisor, Toronto

With extensive experience in ABA, Jenna Collins is the Program Supervisor of our Toronto Location.   She has 4+ years of educating children and youth in various school and camp settings.

In addition, Jenna obtained a Master’s degree in Applied Disability Studies, specializing in ABA.  She plans to write her BCBA exam in November 2019.

Most importantly, Jenna is passionate about what she does and believes strongly in the inclusion and acceptance of all individuals living with ASD.

Shayna Gaunt

Caroline Amzallag, BA, RBT

Program Supervisor, Vaughan

Caroline Amzallag is the Program Supervisor at our Vaughan location. In addition, she is the Social Media Coordinator for Kid Mechanix Academy.

She graduated from McGill University with a BA in Cultural Studies and Psychology. In 2018, she earned her Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) certification. She will be completing her Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis over the next few years.

Caroline has been working at Kid Mechanix for two years as an Instructor Therapist. She runs social skill groups and works 1:1 with children and youth ages 2-15. Caroline is an extremely hard worker and a creative problem solver with a passion for helping children reach their highest potential.