Is your child prone to temper tantrums (or worse)?

Then this emotional regulation program may be right for him/her!

emotional regulationStudents are taught to:

  • Take others’ perspectives
  • Read social cues
  • Communicate feelings
  • Manage emotions
  • Use effective calming down techniques

Highlights of our emotional regulation program include:

  • Evidenced-based methods of instruction
  • Role play
  • Situation-based learning
  • Desensitization
  • Perpective taking/Theory of mind
  • Learning how to read social cues


Emotional regulation programs are taught after school during 1 hour time slots (between 3-6pm)

Download our pricing guide: After School Tutoring

Kid Mechanix Academy now has two locations!  

  1.  Vaughan location
  2. Toronto location

Contact us today for a free intake assessment.

"Guess What" Program Description


Get kids to initiate conversation by teaching them to ask "Guess what..." "Guess where..." and "Guess who..." questions. Download our FREE program description and attached materials.

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