Is your child prone to temper tantrums (or worse)?

Then this emotional regulation program may be right for him/her!

emotional regulationStudents are taught to:

  • Take others’ perspectives
  • Read social cues
  • Communicate feelings
  • Manage emotions
  • Use effective calming down techniques

Highlights of our emotional regulation program include:

  • Evidenced-based methods of instruction
  • Role play
  • Situation-based learning
  • Desensitization
  • Perpective taking/Theory of mind
  • Learning how to read social cues


Emotional regulation programs are taught after school during 1 hour time slots (between 3-6pm)

Download our pricing guide: 2018 After School Tutoring

Kid Mechanix Academy now has two locations!  

  1.  Vaughan location
  2. Toronto location

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