How to Promote Meaningful Behaviour Change

15 May 2020 / By Kid Mechanix

The first step to changing behaviour is ATTENTION to POSITIVE behaviour – so get started today and increase your repertoire of positive praise!

Here’s a great tip from educator, Micheal Maloney:

Take a pencil.  Write down as many ways as you can praise a child in a one-minute period.  What’s your number?  The standard is approximately 50-60 single words in a one-minute period!!!  Wow!!

Great work!  Super remembering!  You figured it out!  Wow!  Love it!  Keep it up! You’re trying really hard!  Amazing!  You got it! Absolutely!  Unbelievable! Awesome job! Yes!  That’s it! Fabulous!

Here’s a fabulous blog that gives some pointers on how we can share some quality 1:1 time with our children.

Check out some creative ways to say, “Good job!”

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