Covid Response Plan

Covid response planAs you may be aware, the Ontario Ministry of Health recently released new screening and testing criteria for schools and childcare setting. This is welcomed news for almost all of us who have to deal with long testing lines, delays in receiving results and additional missed days of school.

Kid Mechanix Covid-19 Protocol 09-07-2021 was developed based on the government’s new protocols, as well as feedback from parents and recommendations from our medical committee.

Our collective objective is to provide a healthy and safe learning environment for our families, where you are comfortable and confident to drop off your kids every day. As we are seeing, mitigating COVID-19 risk is an evolving process that needs to carefully balance health and safety, with the benefits of ABA therapy. We expect that our Plan may further evolve during the year as we have experience with this new plan and monitor COVID-19 in our communities.

As always, we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We thank you again for your patience, support and continued partnership as we all work together to keep our community healthy and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. My child has woken up not feeling well, what do I do?
If your child has one of the following that is new or worsening:
• Fever and chills ( temperature of 37.8 c/ 100 f or higher
• Cough or barking cough (croup)
• Shortness of breath
• Sore throat or difficulty swallowing
• Extreme tiredness
• Muscle aches
• Runny or stuffy congested nose
• Decrease or loss of taste or smell
• Vomiting and/ or diarrhea
Your child should isolate immediately; you should take your child a PCR COVID-19 test. Children who do not undergo testing must stay home for 10 days.

2. My child has a runny nose, what should I do?
If your child has a new or worsening runny nose you must keep your child home and follow the guidelines in question
Mild symptoms that are not new or worsening and that are known to persist in young children (e.g., runny nose) may be ongoing at time of return to school if other symptoms have been resolved and if your child has met the criteria to return to school.

3. I have two children that attend TBSFFCP: if one is sick, when can my asymptomatic child return to school?
Sam wakes up on Monday morning with a fever and you take him for a COVID19 test. Sara must remain at home until:
– you receive a negative test result for Sam
– it has been 24 hours since the onset of symptoms in Sam
– Sam is improving and does not have a fever
Sam may return to school once he has a negative test result and is symptom free for 24 hours.

4. Do I need a note from a doctor before my child goes back to school or a copy of a negative test result?
Children who undergo COVID-19 testing do not need to provide Kid Mechanix with a negative test result before returning to school. However, students must only undergo PCR testing. Rapid antigen testing will not be accepted for symptomatic children.

5. My child is not at school today, do I need to screen them?
Yes, you need to fill out the daily screening for your child even if they are not at school and even if they are not ill.