Covid Response Plan

Covid response planAs you may be aware, the Ontario Ministry of Health recently released new screening and testing criteria for schools and childcare setting. This is welcomed news for almost all of us who have to deal with long testing lines, delays in receiving results and additional missed days of school.


The Kid Mechanix Updated COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan was developed based on the government’s new (October 2020) protocols, as well as feedback from parents and recommendations from our medical committee.


Like other private institutions in our community, we have adopted a Plan that is slightly more cautious than the government’s new protocols.  While the Plan is more rigorous – it should still generally alleviate testing requirements and provide more flexibility for children to return to Kid Mechanix when their symptoms are not new or worsening and when they are well enough to attend. This places real responsibility on all of us to thoughtfully assess your child’s condition on a daily basis. We are in this together and counting on each other.


Importantly, under the updated Plan, please keep in mind the following:


    1. Symptoms of COVID-19 have been categorized into two sections.  Each section requires a different course of action.
    2. In all scenarios, your child must be symptom-free for 24 hours to return to Kid Mechanix. However, mild symptoms that are not new or worsening and are known to persist in children (e.g. runny nose or mild cough that may persist following infections) may be ongoing at time of return to Kid Mechanix if other symptoms have resolved.
    3. If your child has one symptom under section 1 or 2 symptoms under section 2, you must consult your family doctor for further advice.
    4. Asymptomatic students will no longer be excluded from the program if they have a sick sibling or family member at home.


Our collective objective is to provide a healthy and safe learning environment for our families, where you are comfortable and confident to drop off your kids every day. As we are seeing, mitigating COVID-19 risk is an evolving process that needs to carefully balance health and safety, with the benefits of ABA therapy. We expect that our Plan may further evolve during the year as we have experience with this new plan and monitor COVID-19 in our communities.


As always, we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We thank you again for your patience, support and continued partnership as we all work together to keep our community healthy and safe.