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Kid Mechanix, Inc. offers home-based ABA/IBI. Does your child have a language or speech delay?  Has your child been diagnosed with autism or another developmental delay?   Contact us today about ABA/IBI therapy and consulting services.   Home-based ABA/IBI therapy and

Kid Mechanix Academy

Does your child have a language or speech delay?  Has your child outgrown 1:1 ABA/IBI and needs a small group environment?  Kid Mechanix, Inc. has partnered with First Foundations Children’s Academy, to offer integration with mainstream children. Kid Mechanix Academy now has two locations!  

Free ABA/IBI Materials

Free Downloads: Enjoy our list of free resources!  Come back soon as we update often! Behaviour Resources: ABC Data Sheet Sample Behaviour Contract “Tolerates Haircut” Task Analysis Visual Schedule Template Tolerates Transition Program Token Board Prompt Hierarchy Outline Reinforcer Checklist

Are you putting together an ABA program but don't know where to start?

Find out the 5 must-have components to any ABA program

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