Does your child have a language or speech delay?

Has your child been diagnosed with autism or another developmental delay?

Kid Mechanix provides the expertise and resources to help you help your child.

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ABA Social Skills Classes

Kid Mechanix offers school-readiness and school-aged ABA social skills groups to advance team work and conversation skills.  We practice activities that to help your child succeed as part of a group at school.

Kid Mechanix

Kid Mechanix Academy

If your child has a language or speech delay or has outgrown 1:1 ABA and needs a small group environment — Kid Mechanix Academy can help. We offer integration with mainstream children and can help your child succeed in group environments.

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Parent and School Support

Parent empowerment is critical to the success of our students.  All parents at Kid Mechanix receive valuable parent coaching from a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) in order to follow through at home.  In addition, Kid Mechanix offers support to schools so that teachers can have guidance and the necessary tools at their finger tips.