Does your child have a language or speech delay?

Has your child been diagnosed with autism or another developmental delay?

Kid Mechanix provides the expertise and resources to help you help your child.

Kid Mechanix Academy

If your child has a language or speech delay or has outgrown 1:1 ABA and needs a small group environment – Kid Mechanix Academy can help. We can offer integration with mainstream children.

What is ABA?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Data-Based Approaches / Risk-Benefit Analysis: ABA is empirically supported with over 45 years of research. Kid Mechanix will not provide treatment approaches that are not supported by a body of scientific evidence.

Behaviour Resource Membership

We are so excited to introduce our new community! The Bx Resource is a growing body of knowledge, resources and materials that we have created, developed, and accumulated over 20 years of supervising ABA therapy.