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18 March 2020 / By Kid Mechanix

Are you Stuck at Home With Nothing to Do During COVID-19 Crisis?

Are you kids driving you crazy?  Are COVID-19 precautions taking over your life? Do you need truly need to get work done at home, but want your children to be occupied with something other than youtube? As we find ourselves unexpectedly confined to our homes with ABA services closed (and everything else for that matter), here are some helpful resources to engage your child during this disruption. Most of these are free.  If not, many are offering free 30-day (or more!) subscriptions to get you through this isolation period. This list can be very daunting! You are probably asking, “Where do I start?!”  Start with a schedule.  Visually lay out what you want to work on each day and remember the acronym “KISS”(Keep it simple!).  The schedule does not have to be pretty, or even laminated.  A hand written schedule will do just fine. Build in choice into the schedule. For any hope of compliance, your child should dictate order completion.  End with a positive– What is your child most interested in?  Example: fun app, tv show, youtube as a reward. Keep things simple and attainable – especially in the beginning.  Only put a few activities on the schedule to make it doable.  Goal is to have both you and your child feel successful.  If it’s too daunting, it won’t get done. To set yourself up for success during COVID-19 closures, ask yourself the following questions and be truly honest with yourself:
  • What are the most doable items?
  • How much time do you have to interact with your child?
  • Are you working from home and actually have to get your own work done, or can you dedicate some time to your child/children?
  • Do you have other children that require lots of your attention?
  • Can you do some group learning with some/all of your children at once?
If you are able to dedicate a good solid 2-3 hours to work directly with your child/children, then print out some worksheets, do some science experiments/STEM activities, and even consider some good old fashioned board games to promote social interaction. If you have more then one child who requires your attention, consider setting up some group learning times whereby you work with multiple children at once.  If that is not doable, consider having one or more children work (or play) independently while you work 1:1 with one child.  Then switch.  Or if time is of an essence, dedicate 1:1 time with one child one day, another child the next day, etc. Consider a rotational schedule, as you can’t duplicate yourself! If you have to get some of your own stuff done, consider online educational programs for your child(ren).  Be sure toset up a check off listif you’d like any hope of your child(ren) staying on task!  Consider setting timersfor each learning app – e.g., do each one on the list for at least 20 minutes before logging out.  Also, guided accessis a great way to keep your child(ren) in the app and not escaping to youtube!   Some parents even disable wifi until learning time is complete.  Sometimes this is not possible if your child(ren) need the internet for their online learning. Teach at or just below your child’s current level so as not to overwhelm or frustrate him/her. As your child gains success, then systematically increase the difficulty of the expectations. Pick the most functional skills to teach first – What does your child need to learn now?  Life skills (e.g., hand washing!) is much more important short term than long division.  If you are teaching math skills, look at the unit(s) that your child(ren) are doing in school and teach those first.  If you don’t know, start with items like time and money instead of geometry. Last, but most important, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  No one bats 1000 ever.  If today doesn’t go as planned, remember tomorrow is another day. As an additional resource, click here for another great blog!
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