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4 Ways To Make Halloween Less Scary For Kids With Autism

When you have autism, there’s a lot more than ghosts and goblins that make Halloween unnerving. The sounds, lights, crowds, crazy costumes and transitions, such as during trick-or-treating, can be...

15 10 2020 / Posted by Kid Mechanix
NEW! Online ABA Courses – Designed for Parents

Get the practical solutions to help your child with autism thrive without the stress and overwhelm! It feels overwhelming. Raising a child with autism is like being on a journey...

15 09 2020 / Posted by Kid Mechanix
Ever Wish Your Child Played With Toys?

5 Steps to Teaching Play Skills So often, we take for granted that kids like to play.  We buy them toys, arrange play dates, and even take them to parks...

15 08 2020 / Posted by Kid Mechanix
Visuals – They Can’t Be That Important!

Wow!! Yes!!!! Visuals are key! As adults, do you use a daily calendar or scheduler? What about a shopping list? Where would you be without your sticky notes? So if...

15 07 2020 / Posted by Kid Mechanix
Technology – Love It or Hate It?

Before I had kids, I swore that my children wouldn’t be raised on television and media and I would never use technology as a babysitter.  I imagined that we would...

15 06 2020 / Posted by Kid Mechanix
How to Promote Meaningful Behaviour Change

The first step to changing behaviour is ATTENTION to POSITIVE behaviour - so get started today and increase your repertoire of positive praise! Here's a great tip from educator, Micheal...

15 05 2020 / Posted by Kid Mechanix
nagging and negotiating
Nagging and Negotiating Stop Here!

Nagging and negotiating.... That's all I hear from my child these days.  How do I make this stop??? Click here for an amazing blog that answers just that question.  ...

15 04 2020 / Posted by Kid Mechanix
Help! My child received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Just received a diagnosis?  Feel lost and confused?  Autism Speaks has a 100-day tool kit that is available for free for parents. 100 Day Kit Includes: a)      Autism diagnosis,...

16 03 2020 / Posted by Kid Mechanix
developmental milestones
What are Developmental Milestones?

Developmental milestones is a term that is used often by professionals.  However, what does it really mean?  What is developmentally appropriate for children of this age vs. that age? Here...

14 02 2020 / Posted by Kid Mechanix
Can an iPad increase communication?

iPad, samsung, android - tablets of any kind... can they increase communication? This is a question that we are asked quite often.  The answer is YES! Tablets of any kind...

15 01 2020 / Posted by Kid Mechanix